Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hurricane and Crisis Discussion: How Web 2.0 Tools Can be Used in Crisis Situations

June marks the official start of hurricane season here in New Orleans and in the Gulf Coast Region. Has your business updated their Crisis Situation Guide and Procedures this year? What makes this year so different? There are now many Web 2.0 tools to incorporate into your Hurricane and Disaster Protocols.

Social Media can be a powerful tool to help keep in touch with people during a crisis situation, and we at Social Media Club NO would like to take this opportunity to share and discuss how you and your workplace can integrate Web 2.0 tools into your Crisis/Disaster Protocol.

We will be featuring 3 panelists that have embraced Web 2.0 tools as it relates to hurricane preparedness:
Stanford Rosenthal of will discuss how they realized that there was a conversation going on outside of their site and how they integrated tools to embrace and engage in the community dialogue and comment. Not to mention, the "reputation management" that comes into play if and when you have to go up against a Goliath like the Corps of Engineers.

Robert X. Fogarty of, a volunteer recruitment and management organization will discuss how they are utilizing new tools to manage volunteers and to help organize the evacuation process.

Kayla Castille, of will discuss how the media is changing and embracing new web tools to track real time events and developments, particularly in crisis situations.

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Thursday, June 18th, 6pm at Launchpad
643 Magazine St.
Suite 102, New Orleans, LA 70130


  1. I'd love to attend but live in Shreveport. Can I Skype or Webinar in, or do I have to be in NO to get the info?

  2. Maybe #LPTV could have a special session?

  3. I would like to make it, but will be showing my face at the Triple Threat Birthday Party for N.O. Craft Mafia, Antigravity & Twisted Hair Salon.

    -Leslie, NOLA Eats

  4. Hey everyone, we will be streaming live at: from 6-9 tonight, and the footage will also be archived here!

  5. I think all the info was valuable and needed to be talked about from a local level. Great resources!